UPDATE: Security Checks and Refunds

Our payment processing provider is now implementing postcode validation on purchases made through the Hopt app.

What does this mean?
To reduce the potential for fraud or misuse, our payment processing provider will check that the billing postcode matches the card account details held by the customers bank. Customers will need to make sure that billing address information stored on their phone is correct and that their app is up to date.

What will happen?
Some customers on outdated app versions or those who have not
got up to date/correct billing postcodes on their Apple Pay or
Google Pay accounts will receive an error or the transaction will not go through
HOWEVER the transaction may show on their banking app as a charge or processing payment (it eventually then fails and disappears). If you refund at this stage, you will refund money that hasn’t been taken.

How do I help my customers?

Is the billing address the same on the device as the one held by the bank?

You can click on the appropriate operating system picture in step 2 if you need instructions to support customers in updating payment method billing addresses.

For Apple Pay, scroll down on the page to find the ‘Update your Apple Pay Information’ section.

If the Hopt transaction does not appear in their orders tab or in admin panel but does appear on the customers banking app, DO NOT REFUND THE PAYMENT. 

The money has NOT been taken
It is likely being held as ‘processing’ although banks do not always indicate this. It will disappear within about 24 hours when the bank system catches up