Hopt Spot Champions: The Red Lion, Kegworth

Hopt Spot Champions: The Red Lion, Kegworth

“The help in the pandemic is great, but the legacy of what our customers call ‘Spanish Style Service’ is one of the few good things to come out of the whole Covid era.”

Chris – Owner of The Red Lion

The use of Hopt at The Red Lion in Kegworth started out as a pandemic lifeline but has left a legacy that has changed the way this business operates in a post pandemic industry. Speaking to Chris, it’s clear that he is a huge Hopt advocate and the app has helped him not only survive, but thrive in the past 18 months and beyond.

Chris has been telling us some of the highlights that the app has brought to his day to day service, not only for his business but for his customers too. Customers comment that they don’t have to stop their conversations to get a round in, whether they are in the reaches of the beer garden or even if they are sitting right next to the bar. Its reduced the mobility of people around the venue and thereby increased the safety of everyone present.

Customers have commented on the clarity of the menu layout on the app. They don’t have to try and find menus or specials boards and can browse categories of interest such as cocktails by simply browse or using the search bar to bring up items that match their criteria.

They have also enjoyed the ability to order in a more stress free way – avoiding a queue or a crowd when they may still have anxieties about being out and about post Covid. They have also taken advantage of the ‘reorder’ function which speeds up getting in rounds with friends or ordering a favourite meal on repeat visits.

Another perk that Chris’ customers have found, is that running Hopt alongside traditional service means that there is something for everyone:

“The choice is the best thing – you can go for traditional service at the bar with a mate or stay at a table with a young family and wait for the service to come to you”

Customer comment

Customer feedback is obviously hugely important to the team here at Hopt to further improve the app, but business feedback is just as valuable. Chris has explained to us that using Hopt has allowed him to expand his business despite industry-wide issues such as staff shortages, customer reluctance and pandemic restriction uncertainty:

“As a business we have opened up a new 42 cover space in a new building. Our beer garden has also expanded. The only space we can’t make bigger is the bar itself. Hopt allows us to service more people efficiently and get them ordering more even when we are busy. We still get the customer interaction when we deliver drinks/food and its a natural time to clear tables without disturbing people continually. In essence, we can serve more people well, even with fewer staff available, and the customer still feels special.”

Chris – Owner of The Red Lion

We are so pleased to feature The Red Lion as our first Hopt Spot Champion – a business using Hopt as the mainstay of their business model. If you would like to be featured to explain how you are successfully using the app to boost your business, please get in touch with the Hopt team.

Check out The Red Lion, Kegworth at https://redlionkegworth.co.uk/