The Admin Panel enables venues to have greater autonomy over their Hopt integration. As always, if you require help, you can get in touch with as at and we will be more than happy to provide further assistance.

Click on a PDF guide to download or click on a video to link to our YouTube support channel. 

Updating your Information

These forms are for existing Hopt venues only. If you would like to get on board with Hopt, please email us or just install the app on your EPOSNOW system and we will be in touch.

Integrating EPOSNOW with Hopt

Find out how to set up your EPOSNOW to run seamlessly with Hopt. 

Installation and Setting up a Staff Role

Find out how to install Hopt and set up a Hopt Staff Role so that our systems can communicate with yours.

Closing Off Hopt Orders

Find out how to close orders using the Hopt tender type.

Supplemental Charges and Discount Codes

Find out how to add supplemental charges and discount codes (form is at the top of this page).

Venue Information

Find support here for updating your key venue information, opening hours and images.

Table Service

Find support here for updating your table service availability and service type.

Delivery Service

Find support here for updating your delivery availability and service type.

Collection Service

Find support here for updating your collection availability and service type.

Order History and Refunds

Find support here for processing full or partial refunds and exploring your Hopt order history.

Category Timings

Find support here for updating the timings and visibility for specialist categories.

Data Refresh

Find support here for pushing refreshes of recent changes to the Hopt app.

Edit Tables

Find support here for editing your table types and availability on the Hopt app.

Hopt Order Printing

Find support here to set up a single or dual EPOSNOW printer system with Hopt and configure what information is printed on orders.

Adding Product Images

Add images on to your Hopt listings and really tempt your customers!

What is Two Factor

Find out what 2FA is and how it keeps your Hopt Admin Panel account secure.