Exclusive EposNow Integration Our seamless integration makes your set-up on Hopt simple and easy Menu Set-up However your menu is configured in EposNow is how it will appear in Hopt.Everything from Categories and Multiple Choice Products to splitting items to different printers. Have multiple locations Use the location pricing feature in EposNow to customise your pricing at your different locations. Getting Started with Hopt To get started on Hopt we just need you to create a Hopt staff role using the video on the left. Closing Off Orders It’s simple to close off a Hopt Order. Just pay it off using your new Hopt tender type. Printer Set-Up If you need to split items to multiple printers (e.g. between the kitchen and the bar) configure them to work with Hopt. Selecting items From your left menu click manage  followed by products. Click “Show Webstore Details” and then next to each product you want to sell on the Hopt App, click “Quick Edit” or “Edit” and then tick on “Sell On Web”. If it asks you for an SKU please enter “1”. Collection You need to create a new table called “Collection”/“Collect from Counter" in an area with no name. Delivery For delivery create a table called “Delivery” in an area with no name. Adding Items to Hopt & Offering Collection or Delivery Services Menu Guidance Download now About Us Terms and conditions Privacy Policy Partnership Form Facebook Twitter Instagram Download for Android Download for iOS email: support@hopt.apptelephone: 0208 0687655 Copyright 2020